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Shanghai Weishi Machinery Co.,LTd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing garment pressing equipment,having the comprehensive capacity of specific design、manufacturing 、sale of sewing-front、sewing-middle、sewing-back technique in garment production.Its products have the features of optical, mechanical, electronic,pneumatic intergation and high-tech.In the past seventeen years,Shanghai Weishi have developed into a large enterprise with the highest market share and best sale in domestic market at present from a small private enterprise. The“LIMA”brand of Weishi have become one of leading and famous brand in the international garment manufacturing industry.

It is always Weishi Machinery’s dream that developing fancy garment machinery.China is a large country for garment manufacture.In the beginning of the fancy garments machinery market, it was monopolized  by long-established multinaional company,such as BRISAY、INDUPRESS、MACPI、ROTONDI, NAOMOTO etc.

Weishi Machinery quickly narrowed the gap with long-established mulitnational garment machinery enterprised through import、digestion、absorption、reinvention.

Weishi Machinery collaborated with scientific research institution and academy,making breaking through in technology,some of performance indexs have keeps the leading position in the world.

A great many garment enterprises ,including those invested by Italy and Japan ,all choose Weishi’s product because of its high cost-effictive and nationwide service network

Weishi pressing machines got plenty of approval from foreign customers, broke the monopoly of fancy garment market by American and European products and got the great market share through its outstanding product performance and great cost performance.


Weishi Machinery have much reduced the produciton cost for domestic garment enterprises,saved foreign exchange for country,promoted the employment for society and developed the related industry chain.

Weishi Machinery began to develop fancy pressing machine with computer-control and analog quantity drive since 2003.

Fancy formal suits&jactet pressing line developed by Weishi Machinery began to enter into famously domestic garment manufacutre enterprises since 2005

Wenzhou and Ningbo is tranditional formal suits bases and has been purchasing more than 10 million worth of Weishi pressing machine each year.

Weishi fancy pressing machine has been choosing by JOEOEN、

lilanz、Seven、Edenbo、K-BOXING in Fujian and large and

medium-size enterprises in coastal water.

Listed enterprises ,such as Sunshine group、Sanmao group、Hongdou group、Hubao group in Jiangsu、Youngo in Zhejiang 、Shanshan.

Export oriented enterpirses,such as Trands、FOMO、AiYiMei、 BAOXINIAO group、Duanshi group.They are all Weishi Machinery’s regular customers.


People's Liberation Army overall replaced military uniform in 2006, more than 10 military garment factories of the General Logistics Department purchased more than 20 Weishi pressing line,

which is nearly worth 40 million.


1、Enterprise technological innovation strategy and implementation status of planning:


(including the design and adjustment of enterprise technological innovation strategy,design and implementation of anuanl plan)

Garemnt pressing machinery is a indsutry of moderate scale and great professionalism.As the rookie in world garment machinery industry, Weishi soberly realizes that Weishi has a some distance to the world top brand in present-day society that brand as a immensely invisible asset .

Weishi ditermined to catch up with and surpass the level of development in developed countries in the next ten years .


In the Shanghai Weishi new stragetic development project,it explicitly states to closely keep up with the world advanced trend, to grasp the opportunities of social and technological progress,to carry forward its own advantages of China’s enterpirses through innovation and pioneering spirits of times, to continuously develop the international competetive products with low prices and high quality, to dare to compete with world-class products on the same stage and make full preparation for the development of revitalizing the Chinese garment equipment manufactring industry and internationalization of enterprises.


   1、Enterprise’s  middle and long term develoment direction and object :

(1)middle and long term develoment direction:

In the spirit of "quality first ,constantly striving for perfection“,strengthening technological innovation,meanwhile,learning and absorbing from the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries with a high level of technology. In the next three years, Weishi      would vigorously develop new products, improve product quality, keep    up     with the indsutry trend ,develop towards aspects  of simplification,miniaturization,intellectualization,high quality      and continue to meet the market demand as the purpose.


Weishi has developed a digital control  laundry machinery of three dimensions.The project experienced designing ,making prototype,and puting into produciton.Plenty of advices from customers have been taken during that process , a number of major reforms took place in the structure ,appearance,operantion and got a lot  utility model patents,which made the project continuous improving and mature。The product has been recognizde by many customers at home and abroad.As to testing ceneter report of clothes washing machine of naitonal light industry, all technical standard are qualified and  in the leading level at home, close to the international level of similar products.The products have a good market prospect.

From improving desgin,technology,pruchasing components,optimizing appearance , reasonable allocation of production resources  to  the entire production chain,Weishi has invested a great deal of manpower and material resources,established a complete technical file,cultivated a group of young engineers and technicians.Currently, three-dimensional digital control laundry machinery and equipment have been put into batch production.


(2)Middle and long term development goal:

Further standardizing the management of technology center,ongoing investments in technology ,becoming a high-tech enterprise on the basis of the technology-led development and the development of new products, further improving product sales and expanding product market share according to the spirit of " quick response to service customers"


B、Enhance the pace of industrialization of new products, further optimize the design, reduce costs, provide high-tech application areas

       Specific schedule ,stage goals and mail tasks of digital control of three-dimensional laundry machine:

October 2009 - February 2010, stabilizing production lines running, streamline production, manufacture, sales and service line, providing favorable conditions for batch production .  

At the end of 2010, test sales is expected to reach 2.65 million yuan, the total cost of 2.332 million yuan, net profit of 238,500 yuan。


2、The  industry sectors that Weishi executives involved and the status & role that Weishi executives plays. The scale and technical advantages is possessed in comparison with international competitors

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